Reindeer Sledding, Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

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I’ve shown you some of the beautifully decorated and constructed rooms in Icehotel. Actually the Icehotel is a resort and they offer many different activities other than just some freezing cold rooms for the guests to spend their evenings. In our stay we’ve done two things: Reindeer Sledding and Ice Sculpting. Let’s go reindeer sledding first.

At the beginning we were a bit reserved to do reindeer sledding because we did once in Tromsø and it wasn’t very interesting. Basically we were sitting on a large sledge pulled by some reindeers under the lead of a shepherd. It was slow and apart from sitting there looking around, there was not much to do. Luckily this time in Icehotel it was different. Everyone got his/her own reindeer and sledge and while we still follow a fixed trail, at least we have some control and some effort is needed to keep the reindeer on the right pace and track.

Still comparing to dog sledding, reindeer sledding was a lot slower. However, it was easier to control and the slower speed actually allowed us to look around and take good pictures. It was a very nice day and we really enjoyed the snow white scenery a lot. In the middle of the trip we were given some time to rest and being protected by the warm clothes, we just lay on the soft snow and looked into the blue sky. The trip ended with some hot drinks and snacks and everyone was really happy at the end.