Ice Sculpting, Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

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Apart from Reindeer Sledding, the other activity that we have done in our stay of Icehotel was Ice Sculpting. It lasted for around 2 hours and while on paper it looked like a more “static” activity, it was actually quite entertaining.

Everyone was allocated a rectangular block of ice resting on an ice stand as seen in the first picture. You also got a small ice pick to do the sculpture and a staff would demonstrate the right way to do it. It was actually not too difficult but of course, it very much depends on what you want to make. Since you only have one block of ice and there is no chance to do “test drill”, you must make up your mind on what to make before you have your first hit.

The second picture shows my work in progress. I won’t tell you what I was making – guess yourself!

After working tirelessly for the whole session, the staff cut all the works out using a large saw. All works were then placed outside an open area as a decoration display. The third picture shows what we had made (I had this trip with my wife and two other friends).