Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate – Architecture and Nature

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The theme of this week’s photo challenge is Intricate: something complex, complicated, maze-like, etc. I’ve got two pictures for it.

The first one is about intricate architecture. It is one of the ceiling decoration in Real Alcazar, Seville. I was actually inspired by the WordPress Daily Post’s challenge post itself to use this picture. In the post the blogger posted a picture an intricate wall from Alhambra. While Alhambra is one of the most famous Moorish palaces in the world, I actually like Real Alcazar more because I think it is more well maintained. Also, the decoration in Real Alcazar is generally less colourful – and as a result you can appreciate the details of them with less distraction.

The second one is about intricate nature. It is a shot of Sunflower I took in Furano, Hokkaido in Japan. I actually think flower is one of the most intricate thing in nature as no matter how small it is, you can see a lot more intricate details if you look closer to it. This picture also has a nice intricate thing as a bonus: a hardworking bee collecting pollens. Technical I don’t think it’s a very good picture (especially comparing to some of the stunning macro pictures I’ve ever seen) but I think it fits the theme very well.