Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

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“Once in a lifetime” is always used to describe experience of which one should have a least once in one’s lifetime. For me, living in the Icehotel is a once in a lifetime experience – not just at least once, but also at most once. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really a very interesting experience and you don’t need to worry about getting cold there with animal skin covered bed and warm sleeping bags. Yet it is indeed very expensive and because you can virtually do nothing apart from sleeping in a freezing room, there is not many reasons to try it for a second time.

The Icehotel has around 60-70 rooms. They were built in winter and then melted naturally in spring. Each room is different and they range from beautifully decorated deluxe suites and very basic double rooms. When you check in to the hotel, you won’t get a room because all rooms are actually open to public so that visitors can appreciate the wonderful design of each room. When the public visit time is over in the evening, there will be a briefing session for the residents and then everyone get their sleeping bags and begin their long, cold night there.

Speaking of sleeping bags, here is a tip for couple: Even though they offer double sleeping bags for couples, it’s actually better to have single ones because you can wrap yourself tighter and it’d be a lot warmer than using a double one.