Coast of Shakotan, Hokkaido, Japan

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My last post is about seagulls in motion as a response to last week’s photo challenge. As said in that post the pictures were taken in Shakotan, about 90km west from Sapporo. In this post, I will show you the beautiful coast line of the Shakotan Peninsula.

The peninsula, while beautiful, isn’t really a popular tourist location as we did not see too many people there. I think the main reason is unless you drive yourself, it isn’t easy to go there with public transport and with so many attractive locations in Hokkaido, people may prefer somewhere else.

To fully enjoy the scenery, it’s best to drive along the coast and also have the boat trip as well. As you can see in the picture, the water was crystal clear. The blue sky and green trees brought a beautiful emerald shade to the water. In fact its really a pity that we hadn’t got swimsuit with us!