Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion – Seagulls

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This week’s photo challenge is to get a picture which captures “motion“. Capturing motion is difficult because you need to have a very fast shutter speed to avoid blur and most importantly, you need to press the shutter at the right moment.

The pictures I got here was taken on a boat trip at Shakotan (積丹) in Hokkaido, Japan. The trip was around 40 minutes and it was a scenic sea route to see various landscapes across the coast. As the boat moved slowly, something fast came around to us – Seagulls! They just flew around us and some of them even stopped on the boat. What they wanted was pretty obvious – food. As we handed out pieces of bread to the “early birds”, more and more Seagulls came to us and our boat was basically fully surrounded by them!

The interesting thing was it seems they knew where their boundary was. As our boat moved closer to the port, they just stopped following us and flew away – perhaps taking a rest and getting ready for the next cruise!