Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

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What is the national flower of Japan? I bet most people would say it’s Cherry Blossom (or Sakura in Japanese). I’ve checked on the Internet and apparently there is no official national flower in Japan but if you go to Japan around late March till April (or even May in Hokkaido), you would definitely think Sakura is the national flower there.

The pictures in this post were taken at Ueno Park, the most popular park in Tokyo. We were there in late March which was actually a bit early for Sakura viewing as normally the full blossom is around April. Having said that, some of them have already in full blossom and indeed, some specific Sakura species would be in full blossom as early as early March.

The first picture was taken at the entrance of the park where several big and beautiful Sakura trees greeting their fans. The second picture shows a long trail with Sakura trees grown at the two sides and it explains why I said it was a bit early to be there. Yet if you look carefully at the two sides of the road, you see people sitting along there having food and wine. It is actually a Japanese tradition for family and friends to have a nice parties under the Sakura trees. It was really crowded but you can really feel the happiness around.

The last picture is my attempt to avoid the crowds – by taking pictures skyward. At the same time – more practice in taking pictures under tricky light conditions!