City of Valletta, Malta

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Many cities in Europe feature Old Town as one of the main tourist attractions. There are loads of beautiful old towns around but many of them actually do not look “old” because of rejuvenation work (like Riga). If you really want to visit an “old” town, you should go to Valletta, the capital of Malta.

The City of Valletta is a UNESCO Heritage site and the description in the UNESCO website said “[it] is one of the rare urban inhibited sites that has preserved in nearly entirety its original features”. As you enter the heart of the city, you will be greeted by a crowded main pedestrian street with shops at the two side. Some of them are modern chain shops and so it’s no different from any other tourist shopping districts. Yet if you venture into the side streets, you will see the real face of the city: abandoned shops of vintage design, heavily weathered walls and apartments of which you can’t be sured if there are residents there or not.