Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

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This theme of this week’s Photo Challenge is Orange. The requirement is to have 3 photos where orange is the dominant colour or provides a bold highlight. I have looked through my collection and picked three very different ones.

What’s the best subject for responding to an “Orange” theme? Of course it’s Orange itself! The first picture was taken in the garden of Real Alcazar in Seville. Seville is very famous for it’s gigantic architectures and narrow streets but I think the main theme of the city is indeed orange trees. It’s not just in gardens – even the streets are full of orange trees bearing loads of big oranges. I was wondering why wouldn’t people grab the oranges and after talking to the locals, the answer was they are actually not very tasty…

Maple leaves turn red in autumn. However, when it’s illuminated at night, they become orange. The second picture was taken in Kizomizu Temple, one of the most famous maple trees night viewing place in Kyoto Japan. The maple trees there were all illuminated and glows in the dark like you see in the picture. It’s a crossover of natural and artificial beauty.

Orange colour usually means happy thing – but sometimes it could mean the opposite. The third picture was taken in Auschwitz II Birkenau, the notorious Nazi’s concentration camp. We were at the end of a depressing tour there and it was near sunset. The Sun turned the sky to a light orange colour which somehow made the site even more depressing. You can imagine when the prisoners there saw it, they would probably think whether they will have the chance to see the Sun again. (See this post for another picture of the camp)